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How to Create Multiple Screen Display with Your PC?

If a computer single-screen display could not meet your daily work needs, tired of the limited screen space on your PC, or wanna expand more monitors to speed up your work efficiency. You will need to get the multi-screen display function which can upgrade your workspace. Multiple screen display is controlled by one host computer and connected with multiple monitors to mirror or expand screen and perform same or different application operations at the same time.


Working with Multiple Screen Display


Let's start learning how to expand your computer to connect to multiple screens display. To begin with, make sure that your computer host graphics card is equipped with VGA / DVI / HDMI interface. And then connect the corresponding graphics card socket and the monitor with the relevant data cable. Lastly, close all of the programs on your PC, and right-click on any empty space on your PC screen then click “Screen Resolution” to set it up.


If the graphics card port of your host is relatively single, using a USB external  graphics card adapter is a better solution. There is no need to open the computer case and find the graphics card, which is more convenient for users who need multiple monitors to work at the same time. The USB external graphics card is also an adapter converter to achieve USB to HD audio and video output, you can switch to the VGA / HDMI / DVI interface via USB to easily expand your computer to connect more screen displays.


RayCue USB 3.0 to HDMI VGA DVI Converter Expand Multiple Monitor

Take a try multi-screen display to make your work smoother if you often use multiple software on your PC at daily work. Integrating the three ports of HDMI / VGA / DVI in one, this portable RayCue USB3.0 external graphics card will be your ideal choice.


The high-performance USB 3.0 dual 2K display adapter directly mirrors or expands your computer screen to one or two external peripherals, not only the monitor, also your projector and high-definition TV. Perfect for meetings, doing a presentation, home theater, or playing games. With superfast USB 3.0 port, the multi-functional converter provides you with the high signal transmission speed up to 5Gbps which is 10X faster than USB 2.0. You are available to enjoy the video output without lag. Explore more about RayCue external graphics card, making your multi-screen display operation easier.