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RayCue Kids Tablet - Learning in the Playing

As we all know, modern technology has been progressing, on the other hand, technology has also promoted the development of modern education. With the popularization of electronic products such as smartphones and tablets, nowadays many parents buy the kid tablet as a great educational gift for their children, as which is the perfect combination of ordinary tablet computer and intelligent learning tool.

A kid uses the tablet on the sofa.

Most of the content in a normal adult tablet computer may not be suitable for children, and many of its design concepts may also deviate from children's health. If a kid is used tablet improperly for a long time, it will cause harm to the child's eyesight and health, and also is bad for their early education. Therefore, if your child is interested in electronics, he should have his own children's tablet to help him grow up faster and better in the right direction and enjoy learning in the playing.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are unable to operate normally, and students need to learn school online courses at home. When using online teaching resources recommended by schools and teachers, parents need to purchase a suitable tablet for their children to support their learning. The dullness of home school will inevitably make children lose their interest in learning. A good children tablet can stimulate their desire to learn and learn more interestingly.

There are three elements are indispensable for a good children's tablet, one is to have the function of health and eye protection, the other is interesting learning ways, and the third is interactive education with parents. And the RayCue 7 inch Kids Tablet is children's best friend in terms of shape, function and learning resources.

A kid uses RayCue Tablet with parents

Built-in iWawa App, RayCue Tablet provides a safe android interface for children and features with early childhood learning. 40+ game and learning apps are available for download including art, math, music and more. With the growth of children, parents can separate contents that are not suitable for children  and easily customize the time limit to protect their kids' physical and mental growth. 

Besides, the eye protection mode and gorgeous color mode can protect eyes while allowing your kids to enjoy more colorful pictures in learning or playing. Special design of cool shell is made of safe and durable material, it can not only effectively prevent kid from falling, but also prevent kid from biting the product or causing harm to the body.

Take advantage of this time at home, grow up with children, and enjoy more fun in learning and growing up with RayCue!