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RayCue 2020 Mother's Day Special

At the end of 2019, due to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the world, it has a more or less certain impact on everyone, every family and every business. But for COVID-19, I believe that with the joint efforts of the world and global vaccine development, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic COVID-19 will surely be controlled and disappear, and a good life will come soon.

Last weekend, it was the annual Mother's Day. Because of the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic, Mother's Day in 2020 is destined to be a special festival. Mother is like warm sunshine, let us full of expectations. Mother is like a bright sun, let us see the light. I believe everyone has different feelings about their mother. The mother is the one who gives us life, no amount of language can express our gratitude. In our hearts, the mother is always the most beautiful and great person in the world. 

RayCue 2020 Mother's Day Special

Although 2020 is very difficult, for RayCue (Zestnation),  2020 is a special year, and 2020 is also a year full of love. Because many of our female colleagues have already become a mother this year, and some female colleagues are gestating a new life. And more professional female employee work hard while raising their children. May 10, 2020, on Mother's Day, these are the festivals of these great mothers.

Love needs to be expressed, and time is worth being recorded. In order to celebrate the spirit of the selfless dedication of mothers, advocate the morals of gratitude and filial piety to parents, and to thank these outstanding female employees for their hard work for the family and the company, RayCue expressed gratitude to these hard-working mothers in a unique way and prepared a special surprise for them.

General manager Stanley of RayCue (Zestnation) has sent flowers, mother's day greeting cards and special gifts to every female employee who has become or will soon become a mother and gave a festive blessing for each mother.

RayCue Mother's Day Special in 2020

The atmosphere of the whole event was warm and there was thunderous applause on the spot. This event not only showed the corporate culture of RayCue (Zestnation), expressed the company's respect and appreciation for employees, but also promoted traditional Chinese culture and conveyed the moral principle of " Filial piety is the most important of all virtues".