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RayCue Smart CD Player - Uplift Your Lifestyle

In order to get the purest sound out of a CD, all you need is just a good CD player. Finding a smart CD player? Looking for a Bluetooth speaker with perfect sound? Or Wanna listen full-band FM radio anytime? Now RayCue has launched a new wall-mountable CD player, which features perfect stereo audio and multi-functional operations, meets all you needs at once. Its innovative and stylish appearance will uplift your lifestyle, bring more fun to your life.


Great Companion for Music Lovers

With the RayCue CD player, it could make a romantic music atmosphere for you whether at relaxed party time, reading time, yoga time, take it along at any place, any time. A great choice to restore original sound quality, just enjoy your favorite music playlists. Besides, support CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA video and audio formats. Different audio source modes add more fun, not just from simple CDs.

More Power than It Looks

All-in-one combo, it is not only an excellent CD player, but also a portable speaker with stereo sound. What’s more, you could listen to full-band FM radio through this device. Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 technology makes it possible to listen your music with a tap of a finger, fit in smartphone, tablet or laptop. The compact body of this CD player contains enormous energy. 


Creative Home Decoration

With a modern and innovative design of pulling switch, just need to pull down the power cable to turn ON / OFF the CD player. Equipped with wall-mounted kit and stand, this CD player can be mount on the wall or set it on the desktop for convenient and elegant setup. The white color appearance perfectly matches any room in your home, which is a great creative home decoration.

Get the RayCue smart CD player, you will have a new experience to enjoy the CDs, come and uplift your lifestyle!