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RayCue Sports Smartwatch - Your Fitness Partner

Nowadays, people's living conditions are getting better and better, and more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, so the fitness sports is also having a great boom. Although the current virus situation is not suitable for outdoor exercise, there are many people choose to workout at home.

During the home workout, an essential sportswear you may need is a fitness trackerbuilt-in microcomputer perfectly replaces the function of your smartphone and it is also a great fitness partner. In a variety of scenarios, sports smartwatch can help you to know and monitor your own state in time, so as to achieve the purpose of safe and effective sports. It is one of the essential sports equipment for sports lovers.

RayCue Smartwatch News Home Workout

Most traditional mechanical or electronic watches can only use the basic functions such as time, date, temperature, etc., and the safety factor and waterproof performance are relatively low. In contrast, the features of smart watch are more diversified, which can intelligently record various data such as movement track, walking mileage, exercise heart rate and blood pressure, and can also provide users with more intelligent and quick help from the health level. Some sports watches also have GPS positioning, compass, navigation and professional waterproof functions. 

There are three factors we need to consider when choosing the right smartwatch: multifunctional intelligence, long lasting time, and excellent waterproof function. And our RayCue GPS Smart Watch perfectly combines these three points. Built-in efficient, precise GPS & GLONASS technology can draw your running route and speed without a mobilephone, 17 sports modes can accurately and comprehensively record your sports data, this sports watch is like a fitness partner forever with you.

 Also, 24-hour dynamic heart rate monitoring, allow you to adjust your workout intensity. Automatically capture your sleep and fully analyze your sleep quality data, upload real-time data to your mobile app, and keep you focused on healthy living. Besides, a full charge only takes 2.5 hours, which can effectively last for 5-7 days, and with IP68 waterproof grade, you can enjoy water sports while wearing it. 

RayCue Smartwatch for Daily Life 

Raycue's more user-friendly and intelligent design also makes it suitable for everyday wear. When you work for a long time, there are thoughtful sedentary reminders to let you relax. There are also incoming calls, SNS message reminders, you will not miss any phone calls or messages. Whether fitness sports or daily life, this RayCue smartwatch is a wise choice for you. Not only those mentioned in the blog, there are many other smart functions about this watch waiting for you to explore!