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RayCue USB Adapter Driver Installation Instructions

Using the USB adapter, also named USB external graphics card, you can easily implement common functions such as a computer connected to a TV and a notebook connected to a projector. Through the USBC/USB3.0/USB2.0 port to convert audio and video into VGA/DVI/HDMI and other display ports, to achieve an external display port anytime, anywhere to achieve dual-screen display or even multi-screen display.


RayCue also has various types of USB external graphics cards such as USBC to HDMI, USB to HDMI, USB to DVI and USB to VGA converter, which are mainly compatible with Windows system and support HD 1080P resolution, feast your eyes with vivid images and videos.


RayCue users need to install the driver when using these six RayCue external USB adapters, this blog post will introduce the detailed driver installation method.


RayCue USB 3.0 to 1080P HDMI VGA Converter Product Show


1. Find the driver download number for the product in the product show page, as an example of the following, the driver download number is 01;

RayCue USB Adapter Driver Installation Instructions Step 1

2. On the RayCue website driver download page:, find the corresponding download number 01 driver, click download can be installed;

RayCue USB Adapter Driver Installation Instructions Step 2

3. Driver download No. 02 and N0. 03 drivers have two versions of Window 7/8/10 and Window XP, which can be downloaded and used according to the user's own computer system.


Warm Tips:

1. Only support Windows 7/8/10/XPComputer ONLY (NO MAC/LinuxVISTA);

2. Make sure plug in USB 3.0 port ( 1920*1080 ), since the resolution of USB 2.0 is only 800*600;

3. Please uninstall other driver first before install our inside driver;

4. Please restart the computer after you install or uninstall the driver from your computer.



Q: Why the screen is flicking?

A: This is related to your computer performance & configuration,we advise to

lower the resolution & close other running program.


Q: Cloud connect more monitors at same time?

A: Need to buy more adapters, and require high configuration of your computer

otherwise it will cause unstable connection.


Any problem please feel free to contact our service: